Chinook is a prime contractor for government construction and military facilities, such as Subase Bangor, Naval Magazine Indian Island, Naval Station Bremerton, Jackson Park, Naval Hospital Bremerton, and Keyport. We have completed hundreds of projects in the past two decades, ranging from housing, medical, and pre-engineered steel buildings to anti-terrorism force protection and parking lots.

homeland security

We provide and install anti-terrorism packages, which include high security fencing, hydraulic pop-up anti-entry bollards and wedges, and permanent crash barriers. We have the ability to provide a complete entry control system to meet Homeland Security demands at airports, seaports, embassies, military bases and other government facilities.


At Chinook, our project managers work closely with all sub contractors to ensure quality control and that all safety requirements are held to the highest standard. We have the ability to self-perform a wide variety of on-site services, which result in a high quality product and lower cost of construction.

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Community Center at The Landings, Jackson Park, Bremerton WA

The Community Center at Landings Central is a WWII-era ammunitions bunker, built into the side of a hill and repurposed into a community center. It is 5,000 square feet with office space, workout facilities, an adjacent playroom, and a large common area for events.

“Over the course of the last 11 years I have had the opportunity to work with Chinook [Contractors] on over a hundred unique security, industrial, and residential construction projects. As a project manager I have yet to meet a contractor as focused on understanding and exceeding customer expectations. Regardless of project location, duration, or size, Chinook and their subcontractors consistently finish projects ahead of schedule and on budget. The discipline and skill of the Chinook project leads and estimators is second to none. One of the elements of working with Chinook I have come to appreciate most is the rigor put into planning, estimating, and identifying potential risks before the project starts. When unforeseen conditions present themselves Chinook is able to clearly define the issues and impacts, and propose unique mitigation strategies to get projects back on budget and on schedule. In the field Chinook’s attention to detail, prompt response times, forward thinking, and adaptability to complex requirements and conditions make every project highly successful. I plan to use Chinook as my go-to, worry free contractor for all future projects and would highly recommend them to anyone for any and all types of construction.”
- FMFS Supervisor, Bremerton, WA


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